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Get the entire celebrated course by Shiv R. Goel on your smartphone. Download the app now to gain access to entire video course of both class +1 and +2. All lectures are recorded live with no editing to give the exact feel of actual classroom. Along with live video lectures, all the assignments, DPP, tests and their solutions are also available on the app. Long story short, this is the most comprehensive app for physics learning available today with most organized content giving you a feel of virtual classroom in the comfort of your home. 

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Dear Student, click on the link below to register for Waves Gems Batch Grand Admission Test for students in class 10th. After registration you will get a confirmation call from us with complete description of admission test process and criteria. 


 For Existing students in class +1 moving to class +2 use the following links to register for class +2. 

Click on the link below to pay your dues. Choose any one of the following.

1. Combined Physics and Chemistry Fee Installment INR 40000/- only

 2. Physics Fee Installment INR 20000/- only
3. Chemistry Fee Installment INR 20000/- only