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Get the entire celebrated course by Shiv R. Goel on your smartphone. Download the app now to gain access to entire video course of both class +1 and +2. All lectures are recorded live with no editing to give the exact feel of actual classroom. Along with live video lectures, all the assignments, DPP, tests and their solutions are also available on the app. Long story short, this is the most comprehensive app for physics learning available today with most organized content giving you a feel of virtual classroom in the comfort of your home. 

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The institute boasts of one of  the most vast library having more than 5000 publications in Physics and Mathematics. Some of these books are extremely rare and not available locally. On joining the institute, a student is given a library card and books are issued for a period of two weeks.A student can issue two books at a time. Some of the more expensive and rare books are kept under the reference section which a student can read in the library reading room only and are not to be issued.